This title occurred to me as I am in the process of investing a little  money and a lot of time  and work in making my studio a very desirable place to be.

I am getting quite inspired and doing paint effects on walls and furniture ( they rub  off at the minute but I am sure its only a temporary problem!) and have plans to paint trompe d oeil bricks and crumbling stonework to diguise the bricks and crumbling stonework.( only joking)

I was going to invest in an illustration course to give me a wider skills  range but have scaled that down and bought 2 books on the subject instead and will take it from there.

I am planning to make some new paintings for me, of subjects which I am genuinely happy with  to see if they will perhaps sell world wide because they are not based on the premise “lets paint that scene because 1. someone may buy it cause their house is in it, 2. people like churches, 3.  people like to see themselves in paintings, 4. if its bright it will sell .”    I will still be painting a lot  using these premises  as they are valid to sell locally but I am curious to see if my taste or my choice is also commercial.  So that would be another investment.

And lastly, but not least , I would like to invest in more time off to just wander and think and chat and make friends and sunbathe and cook and take funny photos and dream and explore on my scooter and have fun.  Have an idea that this might be the best investment  yet .

perhaps I should invest in tablecloth and towels?

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