What is going on?

This blog is getting shorter and shorter , possibly cause there is no real income to write about and because I have run out of cheerful self delusion.
The problem is I am having a lovely time. I am painting and selling stuff, I have a commission to start this afternoon and I am working on two portraits. I sold a painting at a market yesterday , and a print – to a tourist.
But the money was minimal , in fact after paying for the stand and other expenses I made a loss.
However what a gorgeous day I had. I made some new friends. I saw an exhibition of naive paintings which helped me realise why I paint the way I do, I enjoyed the impromtu concert by some of the stall holders in the early evening and had lots of interest in my paintings and prints. And the fact that the only painting I sold was one I had been wanting to paint for ages but thought only I would like it, was a pretty good feeling. ( Also  I painted it in an afternoon the day before the market.)

So I dont really know what is going on or maybe I have moved into an alternate universe.

And did I mention the ice cream the nice man in the next stand bought me because he said, I would enjoy the music more while eating an ice cream?


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