lots of excuses for not painting outdoors

Is now July and I have painted outdoors on a few occasions , but I appear to have temporarily forgotten my plans to be visible and am back in my studio.
List of excuses/reasons
I don’t like rushing in the mornings -it is fairly hot from 9am onwards
It’s been cloudy when I have been in the mood.
one day I was all set up and it was so windy a branch broke off a tree.
I don’t like learning in public- and people always look.
There are probably more reasons than that , but the last one is the one that mostly prevents me from going out. I find it really difficult to get things in the right places to begin with and my canvas looks awful- full of crossed out painty scribbles and I can be sure that is when someone will come by and look. If I persevere it will generally work out but by then I am so embarrassed that I have gone home.
I have been painting from life- small paintings of flowers or onions , but inside. I enjoy that.
I suppose I will just have to get over it. In the meantime I have sold two paintings and finished a triple portrait commission. And painted some more Pisticci scenes to put in the restaurant- one of which – the one with the blue door , I am very pleased with.
And yesterday I painted an indoor scene from a local bar which is now one of my all time favourite paintings
(Work has started on my new little house and is very exciting- will post photos next month on this blog)

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