busy, busy ,busy……….

It seems to me that planning to do something scary- such as plein air painting is a very good motivator to do lots of avoiding stuff. I have been more or less a complete failure in respect to painting outdoors.

But I am getting on very well painting food and drink and have just started a series of people paintings.

And obviously I need to create lots of work for the market in August – oh and as my little house/artist’s retreat might be finished next week I might be having a little exhibition there too..

So of course I have no time to sit about and paint in the street have I???

So this is how I have been avoiding doing what I planned to do…………

cafe crema
cafe crema
in the piazza
DSC_0250 (3)
windy day in via custoza
cornetto con mela
houses and flowers
dolce from bar pisticci
dolce from bar pisticci

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