Art in May

2015-05-13 14.59.01 2015-05-17 17.15.58 2015-05-18 16.57.45 2015-05-22 18.44.01 20150515_144855_LLS (2) 20150519_200552_LLS (2) 20150521_093350_LLS 20150510_190247Although I have been busy with my Artist’s retreat this month I have been painting. After finishing a large painting with what seemed like hundreds of windows and balconies and doors and a cute little yellow car I have had fun  with lots of small square paintings. I have tried to be a bit more inventive, including using a palette knife and a sponge , I have tried to paint only what I like without first considering if it is a sellable subject.

Today I am getting organised in the artist’s retreat for the summer and next week I have an “avoiding my birthday holiday” planned where I might actually do some plein air painting. I am staying in the countryside so have no excuse………

These are some of my latest works.

( if you are interested  to know more about the artist’s retreat look at )


  1. They’re all beautiful and probably sellable too. I noticed the knife work before reading what you wrote! I did a couple of semi abstracts in acrylics which I’m about to post.

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