Picking up speed……(back to work)

At last  the scaffolding is gone and the building work seems to have more or less finished and my studio feels like my creative space again.

I didn’t know how important it was until it was temporarily taken away. Now having re-20160210_154159organised it and gradually relaxing after having felt in a state of siege  I am planning some new work for March.

I did several portraits this month, one commissioned , but the others were of my family and I have just finished an interesting commission  of a colour painting from a black and white photo.

Painted my first painting of the calanche and have plans for some more.

It was a pity that I couldn’t put my plans for different work into action earlier due to the disturbance , but have learned some valuable life lessons.

Have an idea for a large family portrait which I may begin next week……and maybe I will eventually get started on a painting a day………


  1. I love that rock formation landscape. Was that the mono photo commission? Your family look pretty good too!!

    • hi. the B&W photo was of a lorry with a lot of people standing around. The calanche I did from a photo . planning to take friends there on friday. thanks.

      On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 7:31 AM, bellabasilicata wrote:


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