Lots of work………………

Am sitting on the doorstep in my little arbour which I have created to give myself a pretty place with some privacy to sit and relax or read or just enjoy and think in. Apart from there not being so much sun this evening it is fairly idyllic.

I finished another portrait today. Quite a large one – for me- (50x50cms) My brief was to make it colourful and modern and I have enjoyed painting it. In my opinion it looks great.

I have painted several portraits in the last few weeks. Mostly children, but also a group of several people in black and white. ( I find painting in black and white quite tricky but the end result this time was quite satisfactory.)

All this portrait painting practice is good. I am constantly learning more.

I have been working a lot more now that my studio is relatively peaceful again. I am finding that I can come up with ideas  for new work and have much more energy.

I am working on a series of square local scenes in between portraits as there is a possibility of an exhibition with 2 other artists in the summer- and I want to make prints from them to sell to tourists. I am also planning several flower panels using the cut offs which were left when I made all the square canvases.

There is also the possibility of more outdoor mural painting with other artists- that would be fun.

I can even work outside now that the weather is better.

My little artist’s retreat has been booked most of the year, with several people staying for a month. It seems to be fulfilling my purpose of being a peaceful space to work in, as well as a good place to holiday. Am still enjoying meeting people from all over the world.

(Am on airbnb   – Little artists house, Pisticci-and have still some spaces this month.)

Am posting some of my latest square paintings and a lovely photo of the street where my artists retreat is.


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