Summer in the country

A kind friend offered me the use of her house in the country for the summer and I have been inspired to paint the countryside in a new way.

Have been getting up at 5am and painting until 8.30am …..have to stop then as it’s too hot. The country paintings are all done 90% from life.

Also this summer as I am planning to sell my studio and downsize to my little artists house , I have been painting a number of nostalgic scenes round my studio.

The plan is to be established in my little artists house by October and then slightly change direction in life and painting ……but plans don’t always go according to plan …so will see.

Found, by accident these natural linen canvas boards which suit my new country paintings.( ordered another 20 yesterday….)


  1. I especially love one that is the second up in the large images. But they’re all good of course. Will investigate the particular boards you used as I’ve nearly used up my stock of all sorts for acrylics!

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