Whatever next……..

I feel like I am watching myself when I have created these first 2 ….er creations , and wondering what on earth am I doing and where might I be going.

As this is a ” for fun” but hopefully mind stretching project I plan to see what will happen next. Have definitely got clay in mind. For someone who thinks that she should have a plan this is quite exciting.

I could carry on wittering about stuff or I could post photos of what I did yesterday.

I am calling this ” Old, dead and broken.”

Started with these
Slices of brick, wooden circle, broken brick and dried roses
Broken brick stuffed full with dead roses and some wildflowers
Wondering where to put everything…

Now a small explanation. I love old stones and broken bricks and old wood and dried (dead) flowers. So I thought if I put them all together what could possibly go wrong!

All I used was some glue to stick on the flowers and then I found some other objects and made an arrangement.

I think it has some intrinsic value for me because am on an artistic adventure and this is part of it.

Or alternatively I haven’t a clue what I am doing and just stuck whatever was to hand together in a random manner…….

So let’s go to eevi’s next piece of work. She did this using her fingers, a stick and paint and I like it very much.

Still have to learn how to do things better. Tried to reorganise photos to put them in order. Aaaagh!!!

Apologies Eevi……

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