More adventures in art

This art ” adventure ” is proving to be a little difficult for me. I am working on a large commission ( hope to finish today) and it’s taking a lot of energy.

However that does leave me with an interesting situation where I just do whatever comes into my head.

Yesterday I attempted to do something with oil pastels and oil and then used a piece of wood to swirl the colour about. The best I can say about it was that it was a nice piece of canvas board before I began.

So when I came back to the country I got the clay out. I picked some wildflowers and decided I would try and press them into the clay…..well that was a dumb idea as they were far too fragile…..instead I made a flower , trying to get the leaves to curl up a bit and then I made a little plaque and made another flower on that.

After that I finished my glass of wine which had been absolutely necessary to keep the flowers from blowing away !

I would like to perhaps paint them but as this is paintbrush less week I can’t think of a way to get the colour on……yet!

So basically was not very happy yesterday.

Eevi , however, more than made up for my lack. When she couldn’t find an old toothbrush she got out an Electric one instead. Luckily she made 2 little videos so you can see that it is possible to paint with an electric toothbrush.

This is where pictures speak louder than words.

( plan to add my clay flowers at the end. )


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