Got a roses theme going on…and a bit of avoidance

I have been giving myself a bit of a hard time about not coming up with a method of painting without using a brush and creating something that I like. I wouldn’t say representative as I just can’t believe I can make something look like itself without a paintbrush …and probably a small one , so I can get all the detail in ….mmmmm???

So have successfully avoided trying by doing other things…

The lesson for me in this is firstly , making myself feel bad rarely/never helps and secondly I am learning something with everything I do….and I like most of what I have done this week….it’s just not what I expected.

So yesterday I got the clay out again and made a clay tile. Then I found an actual dried rose and made the individual petals and stuck them on to the tile. I am enjoying so much making things like this. And trying to make rose petals from clay was lovely. I had intended to find some way of adding colour but I don’t think that would improve it . I like the natural look and the shadows it creates. I have placed it on top of an old brick next to my old and dead and broken collection.

And I am happy with it. ( still have more clay left for today!)

Meanwhile in Sweden eevi has been experimenting with yet another object to paint with. This time she used a wine cork to paint grapes. Very appropriate I think.

Am curious to see how many more painting tools eevi can find and how much more I can discover about what I am doing..

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