It’s my birthday…

Despite becoming very old…downright ancient, if you asked a child…. am still feeling 19 plus experience…and occasionally about 6 !

It’s a beautiful morning and am sitting outside at my writing ( and drinking wine) spot…on the bench that james made for eevi. Seems perfectly right.

Yesterday I felt sick and so stayed here all day. As a result I had nothing else to do but this project so I spent more time and energy on it than usual.

I wasn’t quite brave enough to paint on canvas without a paintbrush but I found an old broken brick and my remaining dried roses and decided to use my fingers to paint.

Possibly I should have chosen a slightly less complicated subject but will know the next time.

As you can see in the photos I got a bit stuck just using my fingers to paint and after a while I found an old bit of bamboo in the garden …..then after that I found a Stanley knife and trimmed the bamboo to a nicely sharp point.

I was influenced by looking at eevis paintings where it seems that the depth of colours are very important. And i concentrated on that as well as getting rough shapes.

I quite enjoyed it and it’s joined my ” Old, dead and broken” collection.

Eevi discovered another painting tool….a plastic knife with ridges. These 2 paintings are great…..what next I wonder.


  1. Happy Birthday. Anne! What a year it has been, no? I love your trials-in-paint and am looking forward to maybe participating some time. I always liked masking off a piece of paper and then pulling off the tape to a nice clean border. There is something magical about that, and whatever ones does looks so nice and “finished.” Gotta get that dopamine, and long projects can’t compete with quick ones.

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