Brilliant birthday and finally painted on canvas….

What a lovely birthday. I had organised a birthday party for myself ( first time) and I enjoyed getting all prepared. The food worked out well and I didn’t need to hope that with lots of wine and good company no one would notice what they were eating. Am not used to impressing anyone with my culinary skills. So was very happy to be complimented.

There were ten invited guests including a baby . A dog and a little mouse joined us later.

Yesterday I found 45mins before I needed to go to the bus stop to work on the project in my studio in town.

I found an old canvas which I had painted purple for some reason and as seem unable to go off theme I decided I would paint a vase of flowers . There just happened to be some bits of thick card lying around and only having a short time to work I thought I might as well use them. I added some gel medium to the acrylic paint to make it flow better. Then I cut the bits of cards into different shapes. One I cut into a leaf shape and another I gave a curved edge. Some I cut into triangles so I could make some narrow lines.

Once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed painting like this . The paint with the medium in it was interesting to use. Had only a short time so was not able to be pernickety.

Was quite pleased with the result.

Eevi was also painting in a different “outdoor studio”.

She was putting paint on with a sponge and scraping it off with a fork.

So now the photos…….

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