Two times a rose…..

Not sure if that title makes sense but I had a quite beautiful experience yesterday painting a rose …using a rose ( the stalk)

I found one of the beige natural linen canvas boards I used a lot last year and I happened to have an oval mount lying around.

The rose was tied to a special paintbrush which I got as a gift for my birthday. That was a bit special considering I had been working with roses most of last week. Bit of synchronicity going on…..

I thought I would use a sponge to fill in the oval shape and then use the stalk to paint the rose. Used gouache again…it was handy.

There was something very satisfying about the whole experience. All very full of meaning. For me this week has been a “curious” experience both painting and wondering what the meaning was in what I was doing. That has been a luxury as usually I know exactly why I paint what I paint… so I can pay the bills.

So , having opened a lovely bottle of wine, also a gift from same person who gave me the rose it was a little spiritual moment in time.

Maybe I sound a bit “sappy” but, it was just one of these special times which happen occasionally.

Meanwhile as a complete contrast eevi was painting steps….like literally, house steps.

Which leads on to next week’s plan which is to paint on anything but canvas….I have permission to decorate lots of objects here and paint a giant mural on the house wall….no just joking about the giant mural!!!

So here are the photos from yesterday. (In rather muddled order…)


      • I did a whole street of houses. It was quite an adventure. Biggest thing j have ever done. Invented a brush on the end of a curtain pole which I was very proud of.

      • We should compare our “special brushes”! I created one similar to yours as I needed to get some high areas on a wall but didn’t want to add an additional stage of scaffolding. So, I duct-taped a flat brush to the end of a long pole. It worked perfectly and I still have it! 😄

      • Brilliant. I bought a long handled angled brush out of the Chinese shop.i found a lightweight hollow metal curtain pole and used a Stanley knife to make the handle fit into the curtain pole…..and I still have it too.

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