Hurray….I can use a paintbrush again…..but no canvas?

My latest project work is really a gift and a bit recycling combined but it fits in this week’s rules. That is to paint on objects.

I was so happy to use a paintbrush again. Am not saying that I won’t use a sponge or a rose stalk or make things out of clay again but oh it was so lovely to be able to put paint more exactly where I wanted it.

Have now started to use the semi outdoor space here as I can leave things out.

I am considering bringing bigger canvases here ( for my “real” work) as it’s cool and light and my studio upstairs is very hot. So last night I made an easel out of what had been a kitchen bench. It was the first time I had ever used an electric drill and I am so impressed with myself for unscrewing a piece of wood and then screwing it back on the other side. I know this is completely irrelevant to this project ….but I am so pleased with myself.

Ahem!!! Back to yesterday . I have a lot of jam jars and I offered them to someone who makes jam and various things you put in jars. Then I thought it would be nice to decorate the jars.

I went into the garden and picked a fig leaf and painted it on the side of the jar. I used acrylic as I believe it’s supposed to stick to anything.

Then I painted the lid and when it was dry painted a fig. ( had to find one on my phone as they are not ripe yet on the tree.) The next one I did the other way round. I varnished them and hope that might make them washable. Will see…..

Am not very keen on Sundays and after all the excitement of my birthday it was a bit of a flat day…..

Eevi said she had been painting flowerpots but that they had become a bit “spooky “. I could not imagine how a flowerpot could look “spooky”? But they do…….. Was the funniest thing all day.

Have included a photo of my irrelevant easel.


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