More painted jam jars and learning stuff…..

I enjoyed so much painting the first 2 jam jars that I thought I would just carry right on with more….so have another 2 almost done and 4 more in a basin soaking off the labels. Also I have a pretty wine bottle……

So now, what always happens is that I am needing to improve what I am doing and as always it’s the finishing I have a problem with. Obviously if I was wealthy and famous I’d have an assistant for that but as am not I suppose I just have to get on with it. I am trying to work out how to varnish only the actual painted part of the glass and I only have spray varnish and no white spirit. Have already ruined one paint brush.

It will need another trip to pisticci to collect white spirit and some old brushes ..more free gym, walking up the steep hill….

I hope that will work as it would be a shame after painting a nice flower it just wiped right off on a cloth. This sort of thing is a bit of a theme in my life in other areas too.

However I think that can be managed .

Tomorrow I am planning to paint something else…..and maybe a few jam jars on the side.

Eevi meantime has painted bird boxes using leaves .

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