Wooden spoons …not the best idea in the world

Right now my life is in a state of more constant change than normal . Am trying to organise myself so that I spend more energy on art and less on living between 2 houses which involves the dreaded steep hill…puff gasp…being followed by dogs…heavy rucksacks , waiting for buses and taking stuff back and forwards as I don’t know what I will need next day.

I was going for lots of free exercise, weight lifting , minimalism (getting by without lots of things) and being a free spirit.

But am exhausted….so am going to move my work more into the country with a friend’s help and more or less close up my little house in town. There is a lovely space for painting here and to be honest it was getting very hot in my attic studio.

Anyways that was my long winded excuse for choosing to paint wooden spoons. I had a moment of madness when I saw them in a shop in pisticci and thought that will do! Unfortunately I didn’t follow through with what exactly ” that” would be. And blithely carried on my cheerful way home thinking I was sorted for the day and I could fit in painting 3 wooden spoons in between getting organised to move house.

The only thing I could think to paint on them was flowers ….and spoon shaped flowers . I found some artificial daisies and got started. It was not at all as easy as I had hoped. And I got pretty annoyed with myself. Eventually I realised if I painted some sky round the flower head then it would make it simpler to paint any kind of flower.

It was quite a good problem solving exercise and a lesson in not hurrying as you will just make a mess!

I actually finished the 3d one this morning and varnished them when I had more time.

Moral of this is …..better to make time later as rushing just doesn’t work with painting.

Meanwhile eevi had been busy making beautiful and not at all spooky flowerpots.

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