Back to bricks…..

I don’t know what it is that I love about old broken bricks….it’s something really ” heart deep”. Àlmost like I could just have a pile of them in the corner of the room and it would make me happy to see them. ( perhaps I need a psychiatrist!)

But I guess it’s harmless till you can’t get in my house because it’s full of bricks….the non broken ones don’t really appeal to me. Maybe it’s history. Who knows.

So frankly I am not too happy with today’s effort. I think the brick deserved better…but I was as usual in a hurry. This street scene I made up and to be fair after 10 years of painting little white houses I should be able to do it from imagination. But as a tribute to the brick am not impressed.

The good thing about today’s work was that at least I am learning something new..which was the point of this project. And perhaps unless I am willing to spend time and energy on painting on a brick then the brick is better of without me.

That’s it…. so tomorrow will put a bit of time and love into my work….otherwise what is the point.

Now eevi has been doing something pretty and useful. Making hand painted labels for a home made elderflower drink.

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