A little more love and attention….

After a day of feeling ill I finally got round to my next bit of work. Bearing in mind what I said yesterday I took more time over this and then added more to make it look properly finished.. As a result i feel good looking at it.

Today I painted cherries on a wine bottle. I was kindly disposed towards the wine bottle as it was a nice shape and the wine had been very nice. ( a birthday present)

The cherries were a gift from a friend and I thought it would be fitting to put them together. ( I have a vivid memory of spending 2 hours painting one grape when I was first in Italy and learning how to paint with oils. So I thought I could surely make a decent effort at some cherries.)

It’s a nice feeling painting on glass. And painting on dark glass was new for me. I picked cherries to paint instead of grapes as I thought i would need something colourful to stand out.

It was fun…even though I had to move from the kitchen ( warm but not enough light) to the art room where it was a little chilly but when I moved the table near the doorway I could at least see what I was doing.

Was a horrible cold wet afternoon.

So now I have been looking on the Internet for drinks made with cherries . This particular days work could lead to much more.

In Sweden meanwhile eevi had started on painting her garden tools. Which may or may not now be usable for work by someone who likes painting more than gardening .

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