My most original idea so far…

Yesterday I started my next big commission. It’s a beach scene and I had a great time painting it all the “wrong” colours. Is very liberating doing that and really helps to see if the composition will work.

So I was a little worried that I would have no energy left to do anything else. I had painted a cardboard box which I converted to an art box and thought that I might decorate it….but I kept putting it off.

Eventually I started painting a border on it and I was so bored I just couldn’t do it.

Surprisingly , I then thought of something.

I checked out eevi s log pile and found a biggish log with a flat face and decided to paint a girl’s face coming out of the wood.

It was fun to do . A girls face looking out or being discovered in a piece of wood made me feel I was bringing something to life. It might even be the start of something new.

It’s been interesting for me to follow my feelings on this project .

In Sweden eevi was carrying on painting gardening stuff….boots this time and her hat….

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