Thunder and lightening in the afternoon….again

Has been a lovely morning but now there is a big storm again. So it’s a good time to be upstairs writing.

This week our theme is going to be inspiration based on words or song titles or whatever else we might think of.

I more or less started this on Saturday while ….not using canvas…. was still the theme . I managed to fit into both.

Still was not at all motivated to decorate my art box so after wandering around looking at things I found half a packet of clay (das) and decided there was just enough to make a figure.

I was already feeling a little sad and it was like creating something representative of this with my fingers. It was red clay i was working with so got a bit messy.

(There is a rather distracting extremely loud electrical storm going on while I am writing this. Pity I don’t know how to do sound effects. Being upstairs in the tower here is adding to the atmosphere!)

Anyways..where was I…. oh yes, getting messy with clay. So I made a nude figure lying face down with arms reaching out. I had just enough clay to do this.

Having completed the figure more or less satisfactorily I went outside and found another broken brick to lay it on. Fitted perfectly.

I could say that there was a whole lot of meaning going on but it is enough to say that I felt it was absolutely right.

Eevi was having a holiday on Saturday. So I have added a wine cork rose holder I made as an optional extra.

Have added a photo of the heavy rain outside but without the sound effects it loses something. …….

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