Imagination working better today…….

The theme for yesterday was ” imagine” . This week’s project is about inspiration based on song titles.

I was busy painting small oval flower paintings while I try to think of something I want to paint on big canvases which are sitting waiting for me. Have even put one in the kitchen in the hope that I shall see it and a vision of my new big painting will appear. Nothing so far….. so keeping busy in the meantime.

I listened to John Lennon’s “Imagine” . It felt nostalgic. Particularly at this point in my life.

As am being a little introspective while writing this I will just mention that I chose to paint on an old portrait of a couple looking at each other in a way that I had always envied … but had never been able to get just right. So I covered it over to use for something else.

I didn’t know what I would paint and started with a red blob which looked a little like a mountain and went from there ; creating an imaginary landscape with strange colours. Everything was colourful but I made the flowers black and white.

I like it. Very satisfactory.

Eevi meanwhile , who is busy getting prepared for a Swedish midsummer party found time to imagine how these flowers, just planted , might look in the future.

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