Tapestry/patchwork and Midsummer

What a fantastic Friday! As it was the midsummer celebrations in Sweden and we were having a smaller version in Italy it was pretty busy.

I had an idea for my work for the day which was to find a collection of photos and make them into a collage and then paint stitches joining them together. Not awfully arty.. but fitted the theme. I chose a mixture of photos and paintings which meant something. I could have spent years doing that, but I had an hour. The most difficult part was finding something on my computer which would make a collage ( without paying for it.)

Am pleased with the result. I spray varnished it and put it in a frame for the time being as I felt it deserved it.

Eevi had come up with a similar idea but in her case these are all the actual paintings she has been doing at the same time as doing this project. It’s so beautiful and colourful.

But most of Friday was taken up with midsummer preparations and celebrating. And we have the photos to prove it…….

Quite big Italian maypole
Seriously bigger Swedish maypole

Midsummer party room
Now it’s art room again

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