Stairway to heaven….nearly end of the project

Have been either extremely tired or extremely busy this weekend . ( I am going to include the results of the “extremely busy” part to encourage anyone who has started a painting which then looks like a 3 year old could do better….which is then viewed by a neighbour who is so not impressed …but it all turns out OK in the end.)

As time management skills are not high on my list of skills I did the work for Saturday this morning. Got up at 5am. Or maybe I just manage time in an individual manner. ( no problem with my creative reasoning.)

However….. I did think about it yesterday and had a rough plan made of what I would do.

“Stairway to heaven” was the reason I liked the idea of song titles as inspiration. I’ve read the lyrics and watched an interview about how it was written. I think it means something to me because of what has happened this year.

When listening to it I was particularly struck by the phrase….. ” and I wonder” I have beeñ doing a lot of ” wondering” recently .

Eevi has a staircase near her house which goes up and up and up a virtual cliff…..She combined painting on glass with the view from the window . I want to try that too.

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