Being each other …….

This week’s theme is to do something which eevi ( or in her case, I) have done .

This could prove interesting and fun.

(I am a whole day late writing this and am going to have to do 2 works today to catch up with myself… fact am not absolutely sure which day I am on…. I am tidying and cleaning and prettying up my old studio which involves balancing on a ladder and wondering if I fell off how long it would take me to crawl to my phone to get help…. not good.)

However , I had been thinking that my studio needed more personality….more me, and after starting on a painting on glass (next project piece) I was distracted by a large piece of wood , found behind the wardrobe…..Now there is more of me literally in my old studio. ( was in a bit of a mood yesterday.)

I am so pleased with the portrait. 110x140cms that I am including a photo

I found some spare flowerpots in the studio so decided I would do my version of eevi s faces on flowerpots. It was very relaxing.

She , meanwhile was doing a version of my little houses on a brick with little red boathouses on wood.

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