What is it with all this rain…..

Was supposed to be painting the outside of my old studio today but it has rained on and off all day. However I have been very creative inside.

And have nearly caught up with myself on the project.

I thought I would combine painting on glass with making my studio look more personal so I chose a photo I had taken of some lovely flowers from my garden ..whose name i have forgotten .

I enjoyed working in the old studio . There is a lot of light and more space than my current house. And it felt like I was bringing it back to life.

So was very satisfied by the result today. Painting on glass was so interesting. The paint goes on in such a slidey way. ( even though I have run out of white acrylic and am using white wall paint.)

I have now framed today’s work and hung it up.

Eevi however couldn’t find any clay so she used potatoes. Her husband has now cut them up and made potato salad.

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