Bringing back life….

Yesterday I was still working in my old studio doing some little repairs to paintwork , a little furniture shifting but mostly painting new things on old canvases to brighten up and bring some life back to the space . It is now looking more like an artist lived here….and hopefully will appeal to another artist. ( photos included..very reasonable price)

Yesterday’s project work was another painting on glass. This time I chose a photo I liked from a walk I had been on with eevi earlier this year. I loved the colours and the light and the crazy olive tree. I must buy purple paint though, as the flowers were much more vivid in real life but I couldn’t get the intensity with the colours I had…..which are actually old ones that I am using up. Am finding it very liberating painting with old paint ( and white wall paint) on pieces of wood, or glass used in a frame, or canvas where I have painted over old paintings.

Apart from the lack of purple I am pleased with my second painting on glass and it’s now back in its frame and decorating my living room.

I was very productive yesterday and also painted a giant tomato and a special envelope. I was going to paint a bar of chocolate….but I ate it. Needed the energy.

Eevi meantime was painting roses…in a way. As she had no roses she painted leaves to look like roses.

She has been very busy this month also and is working her way towards completing 27 local scenes..

If anyone is interested in finding out more about my old studio you can email me at

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