Another thing I didn’t know I could do………

I had decided that I would do a watercolour of the countryside as eevi has done a lot of them. I didn’t plan to use a fork or my fingers or a twig…. but the view from the doorway was looking very appealing.

So I got a pen and started drawing, with the intention of then using watercolours. I haven’t ever drawn the countryside with a pen….houses and streets , yes, but I always thought that it would be too difficult to draw lots of trees and fields etc.

But not so. It took me about 20 minutes to do a sketch while sitting just inside the doorway. ( still not normal Italian weather…think Britain has stolen our weather!)

And when I had finished the drawing I was so pleased with it that I just couldn’t add any colour. It seemed pretty good just as it was.

Am going to start drawing again.

Eevi was painting jam jars which she said were more trouble to photograph than to paint.

Only another 2 days of the project to go.

Part of the view from the doorway.

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