Printing with leaves is not as easy as it looked……

This is the second last piece of work for the project.

Eevi had made some lovely prints using leaves at the beginning of the month and I thought I would do that as it looked quite relaxing and straightforward.

I found 2 little canvas boards with masking tape round the edges.. and my left over paint from the big painting I was working on. Then I thought I would use some of the leaves and flowers from the midsummer garlands which were hanging up drying. Sounded lovely.

What a horrible mess that was. They were too little. The paint was too thick I think and all that happened was a splodgey mess.

I went out out and picked some bigger leaves and tried again. More splodges. No matter how hard I pressed on the leaves there was only a vague leaf shape to he seen. At one point I thought I had got a result but it was the actual leaves sticking to the paper I was using to press down with.

I more or less gave up then and used a brush to make the splodges look more interesting. Then I used some yellow glaze over 2 leaf shapes and that made the illusion of some texture.

I thought I might call them “contrived splodges in a border”. It’s just as well the project is nearly finished….. .

Eevi’s efforts made me laugh. She was doing her version of painting someone or something appearing to come out of a log. Only in this case it was coming out of the log box.

We are definitely at the end of our resources……


  1. Splodges! I have found that you need to seal your leaves first with either white glue or spray fixative, then you can use a roller (type for linoleum printing) to apply the paint. And the pressure is best accomplished, if you lack a press, by placing a stiff piece of cardboard over the leaf and burnishing it with a spoon. With found objects too much paint is worse than no paint!

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