Moving back … and forwards

Have now decided to move back to my old studio.

For various reasons but firstly financial. As no one has been interested in buying it then i need to find some way of supplementing my painting income.

I think the idea started when i was spending time there painting the portrait of james. Although it was very cold i started to remember what i had liked about it.

Then i started to imagine what i could do to make it look good and i realised that as the plaster on the walls is not in great condition i could do whatever i liked … need to keep it perfect like my little artist’s house….and then my imagination kicked in and i thought floor. The floor is old but not pretty and as i have virtually no income at present any inprovements or changes would have to cost almost nothing. By this time i had decided that i would set aside 100 euros of my emergency fund for paint etc and then the rest would have to be down to being creative with furniture moving.

It was getting quite exciting as i measured this and that so that i could completely reorganise the floor space. Then i decided to paint the fireplace to look like a welsh dresser as its in the wrong place. Am looking forward to that. Have already found some photos on the internet of dressers i like.

I thought i would give myself the whole second part of the house as work space and gallery so i can paint big. And display my work much better.

But the heart of the studio will be my living space with its red floor ( garage paint) and my painted dresser. Lots of paintings on the walls . I took photos of some old tiles i might find a space for too.

But then something anazing happened and i was offered the money to fix the roof. It leaked and had no insulation and generally needed a lot of work. So work starts on that in , hopefully, 10 days. It will all be outside work so i can get on with decorating inside and now i will be able to use the attic as well. Before it was just too difficult to avoid the drips. I am thinking of painting a big mural all round the attic now as a sort of celebration.

And also i can finally save up and get a secondhand simple pellet stove and stay there in winter as the heat will not immediately disappear through the roof.

I was worried that moving back would seem like a backwards step but its feeling like i have been on a little holiday and now i am starting a new life in a new space with a completely different feeling.

And so i plan to start today , just a little bit at a time getting my new home and studio ready to move into in april.

I want to put my little artist ‘s house back on AIRBNB and rent it out from april . Maybe i will try and sell it. …. i could convert the studio area in my new/old house into a separate apartment and rent that out in the future but …who knows.

So hoping the next post i write will include photos of my new arty residence and gallery …..and my little artist’s house all set up for holiday/ arty rentals. Maybe i will even get confident enough to offer some art lessons ….

Could be interesting……..

In the meantime i am having a sale on facebook . Having reached 50 euros before having to start on the emergency fund ( also known as money saved for the water bill) i thought that i may as well sell as much of my older work as possible so that on one hand i dont have to move it and secondly i want to do different things so may as well clear out the old.

Having said this i have also painted some flowers for fun and added them to the sale. You can find it on my ordinary facebook page with all the prices. ( starting at 8 euros) i really want to sell a lot.

So here are some of the new sunflower paintings where i get progressively more colourful.

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear you have made up your mind. The old place has the right vibe (to me) and it is such an interesting space to work with/in, I’m sure you will feel inspired working there. Most important part is the roof and the pellet stove!! THAT is going to make all the difference. And I am sure you will have many takers on the “uptown” rental place over the summer months.

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