New old studio….

It took me about a month to move house. I did most of it myself with a borrowed sack loader.And i painted almost everything i had planned. Except for the small stove….and painted a lot of things i hadnt planned.Am still a bit tired as it was a lot of work… but i love it. And hopefully the result of brexit won’t mean i have to leave it. I feel sick when i think about it and its impossible to look forward to the summer .So now i have decided to sell my other house rather than rent it. Its pretty much ready to use and is very rentable too. As pisticci is only 45mins from matera ( european capital of culture 2019) its in a good location. About 25 mins from the beach and just over an hour from bari or brindisi airport. There are also 3 local railway stations within 25 mins.So here are some photos the new old studio where i am now living.

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