At last the sun has arrived.

After what was apparently the coldest May in Italy for 60 years I am loving finally feeling warm.

My old studio is definitely colder than the other house. Right now that is a bonus as its still very pleasant inside without a fan. But in May it was quite depressingly chilly. What is now a nice breezy street always seemed to have a gale blowing up it.

It has been a strange time and I am still not quite sure in which direction I am going this year. But having sunshine every day is making me feel a bit more optimistic.

I did complete the 3 big paintings I had planned and did various other smaller ones. Am finding it difficult to get motivated and still wondering what to paint.

Have been watching on Youtube portrait and landscape painting videos. Am both encouraged and discouraged .

Have ordered another roll of canvas and some gel medium for acrylic so that i can try some different effects.

And today I took some reference photos for my next Pisticci painting.

I have also done a couple of self portraits from life just to see if i can.

Have a feeling that am at a turning point in life where I can either give up and stay the same or I can pull myself together and make some big changes in my attitude and see where that leads.

But at least am warm now. ….. hurray!!!

So now will attempt to post in sensible order the 3 large paintings which include one of james and myself. One of a couple on a terrace and the latest one of an interior with attitude.

Then there are 2 views of pisticci through windows.

And one of the self portraits i did in 2 hours from life.

One comment

  1. Very nice, Anne.
    My sister (the Jungian Psychologist, better say that as always….!) has always said that those insecure times where it seems the Muses have fled are the most fertile time for real creativity. As someone who has often been what they call “prolific,” I can say that much of what I do in those frenetic production mode times is a little automatic. Those pieces that we do where we are desperately unsure are often the signpost for changing direction. We had better heed!!
    Anyway, glad the sun is out. Hey! Would you like a little Texas sun? But it comes with rattle snakes (which I shot the other day, poor thing but it was either her/him or me…)

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