A pocketful of olives

It has been another long day. These days I can go from zero to 100% and back several times. I have an odd feeling that I have a bucket of tears inside me that just sploshes around and goes nowhere. And other times , not so frequent but nonethless there I am as happy and grateful as can be.

Today I had to pay a very big bill which I was not expecting. I trudged into the post office feeling sick.

And then cheered up almost immediately when the teller took out her phone and said she really liked my latest watercolour. She would have no idea how lovely it was to hear that right then. After that I was off to opt out of paying a tv licence included on my electric bill. It was very satisfying to get that done all by myself. I don’t have a TV.

Back home and did some hand washing as both my washing machines are not 100% right now. And I need to be in a very upbeat mood to try and fix one of them. Had forgotten that I would need hot water so just used cold. The clothes were bound to get a bit cleaner.

Today a friend came for lunch and we ate pasta and pesto ( pesto home made by an italian friend. ) It was good to talk but feels a bit like the life has gone out of me. The food was good.

Then I got an invite to go walking which I was happy to accept and after agreeing to make a cardboard snowman for another friend I set off for a walk. There were 3 of us and much talking . It’ s all very relaxed and sociable and I stopped to take photos a few times as the light was lovely.

Then my friend saw a wild olive tree and climbed over the fence and started picking some. She asked if I had a bag which I didnt. Then said ” they are for you. Put them in your pocket.'” So I did and then I was reminded how to make fried olives and that is what I am going to do now. And tonight I will drink wine and eat my pocketful of olives and be very , very happy.


    • My friend put a lot of olive oil in a small pan. Enough that the olives floated and then put a lid on. She then turned on the gas and let them cook. She used special big sweet olives and said you cooked them till they were ready….seemed between five and ten minutes. Then you took them out and sprinkled salt on them. She put them in a little bowl and as well as eating the olives, then dunked bread in the oil that came off them in the bowl.
      I think i burned mine a bit but dont tell. They tasted a bit crispy but quite nice despite that.

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