Day 2 of staying at home…..

So today I haven’t been further than my new herb garden in a tin bath. Am not sure that I should really have tomatoes and garlic and mint and parsley all in together but it was empty and as usual I was in a hurry to get them planted. As the water was off in Pisticci this afternoon, something broken further up the valley I think I only watered the most desperate. ( in my opinion. ) I think I will be painting another climbing flower round my other door as I sort of inadvertently said so on facebook. But it could be fun …and my other doorway does look a bit bare. I finished the third of three commissions today. They were quite complicated as in I had to partly make up the view and also use a series of photos taken while up a ladder. And I also got organised with sheets etc for my other house which at this rate I will be lucky to rent this summer. But i may as well use this time to get it all ready. Might even sell it yet. After all this virus will eventually go away. It sounds like I have been reasonably busy today and now it’s nearly wine time. Was glad to see I have three two litre plastic containers so no wine emergency so far.

View from my street from up a ladder.

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