Day 1 of ” staying at home”  to help prevent spread of corona virus in pisticci.

I thought I might write this as I am a little worried about spending a lot of time by myself. But staying at home might help save the lives of some older or sick people here. So I can go for walks but not get close to anyone. All group activities are cancelled. Today I was out . I had to go get another months supply of high blood pressure pills. I wondered if things would be different in town. I stayed as far as possible a metre away from everyone. It felt unfriendly.  I noticed the fruit and veg shop  had moved their till to the doirway so no one would be in the shop. The latteria had a sign saying ( i think)  leave a note with what you want and it will be left outside. Not everyone in the street were standing more than a metre apart. I waved to my friend who has elderly parents not in the best of health who is promoting staying at home.  But you only need to watch one of the many videos on facebook made by nurses or doctors to know how important it is to avoid  contact with people. So now that’s me . No need to leave my house now …….

Supervising the washing machine.

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  1. So no matter how many years I am here I am just hopelessly un-Italian. I tried to explain the concept of Br’er Rabbit to my husband (I do believe he got it!) tonight: I feel just like Br’er Rabbit begging not to be thrown into the briar patch, when actually that is exactly where he would prefer to be! Being put into quarantine and having to stay away from crowds and not go out is fine with me. Of course also trying to remember that we are all not actually waiting to die…I had to laugh as I scrolled down on your post and saw what looked like the sickle of the Grim Reaper to the right of your washer!! We DO live in interesting times, do we not??

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