Day 3 of staying home in pisticci

Today I feel like I didn’t do very much as I meant to start painting a mural and then after I had written for an hour and had breakfast I changed my mind and decided to have a planning day. It was beautiful weather again. Sun shining in the window and so I thought maybe I would risk a little walk up by the church behind my studio and take some photos. It was lovely . I saw a few people but no one close. Then as it was so very nice and my pellets will last longer if the stove isnt on I decided to sit on the doorstep and read. It was also partly to stop myself from compulsively checking facebook to see if anything else has happened. If I understand correctly the streets are to be sprayed tomorrow. And I think there is maybe one more confirmed case in basilicata. Though compared to what is happening up north that is not bad. The reports from lombardy are awful. However I am here and needing to fill my time with interesting things if possible. Next I did some research online….. otherwise described as looked at photos of roses painted on walls so I could get an idea of what to do. I found something suitable. After lunch I started planning for my other project which is to paint a self portrait in the style of Gwen John. That involved more ” research” and then balancing my camera on top of a cushion balanced on the top of a chair and using the timer. I am horribly unphotogenic but I consoled my self by thinking I would paint myself prettier. I think I imagine myself much younger than I am. So am now ready to carry on with both these projects . Incase anyone is interested I am including the reference photo of myself and one of Gwen Johns’ with colours I would like to use. Am curious to see the end result.

Should have worn something nicer and reserve the right to give myself smaller feet.

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