Day 4 staying home in Pisticci

Didn’t sleep so well last night then woke up at one point and remembered that I hadn’t watered my new herb etc garden. It was behind my garden shed/ big plastic box. So this morning after spending my hour writing and having breakfast sitting on the doorstep I checked out my new little plants. They looked ok to me. Then I thought I should move my table and chairs as I needed a clear space to start painting my rose mural. It occurred to me as I moved them to the other side of the street that it looked a little like a bar with one table. So I made another coffee and enjoyed it. I was making no progress on the rose mural ….. it was too hot and lovely so I sat at my private bar and read until lunch time. Feeling a bit guilty about doing very little I cut the canvas for my self portrait and painted the frame. And now its nearly wine time again. Today in Pisticci I think the streets were disinfected. Ànd now all bars and restaurants should be closed. But the supermarket is open. On scrolling through facebook the police are checking on why people are not at home and some chinese doctors are arriving in Italy to help. Maybe tomorrow I will get started on the mural ……or maybe will just chill in my private cafe…..

Lovely evening light. Next step .learn to use barbecue.
Cats enjoying my little bar.
Tomatoes, garlic, parsley, mint.

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