Day 4 or is it 5 of staying at home in pisticci.

I have been awake since around 3am which is not the best way to start the day. However I can now do paragraphs instead of a big lump of writing so my awake time was not a complete waste.This morning I reached 20000 words of part 2 of my book. Am not sure if it was cheating, but when I realised I only had 300 to go , somehow I just rattled on in chatty fashion and stopped at 20060. It was friday and I like a bit of order. Am definitely getting curious to see how it will all work out. I would like to say that I worked hard all morning on drawing or painting rose branches on the wall, but actually it got too hot. This weather is unbelievable in a good way.I have been trying and not succeeding to stay off the internet as I think I am now worried about my family in Scotland. Here in the south of Italy I feel that the government is taking care of us and apparently 89% of Italians are supporting the shutdown.But what I am reading in the UK is all about “herd immunity” which appears to mean that a lot more people will die than if they successfully slowed down the spread of the virus by keeping people apart. There was even talk of culling the old and sick. Whatever eventually happens its not very reassuring right now. I think I sound a bit scaremongering but then a week ago I would not have believed that I would be staying in my house and needing a document to allow me to go shopping. And a lot of people have died in that week.Today I felt a bit shaky. I told myself that it’s not surprising as I have never done this before and too much time on my own is difficult. My neighbour is home now but is not a chatty man. And the old lady above is deaf. And I am a little anxious about going shopping. I havent run out of food but I would like to feel I could go. I have the document which I need to fill in. Am trying to persuade myself to go tomorrow after lunch and buy something nice to eat on saturday night but am not sure that I won’t make another excuse not to go. Like it just popped into my mind that I could try out my barbecue and I have already got sausages in the fridge.Am trying to take this day by day and as it could go on for a long time I need to get used to it. To distract myself I went out now that it’s cooler and painted some leaves and a couple of roses. It looks ok but I need some practice to paint roses. I would like to make a good job of this mural and I need the work.So it’s nearly wine time again. Hurray! And that’s another day done and not wasted.Tonight there might be a flash mob of people singing from their balconies. Doesnt work for me but someone is sure to video it.The new expression going around now is ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE. Lets hope so ….and not just in Italy.

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