Day 6 staying home in Pisticci

It’s saturday today. I used to go to the market in marconia on a saturday before I decided that I couldn’t afford to do that and go to the burger restaurant as well.

However there was no need to be concerned about either of these things as the markets are banned and the restaurant is closed..

It was a nice start to the day anyways as I said hello to several neighbours at a distance and had breakfast outside at my bar. I can’t believe this weather.

I thought , as it was quite cold inside that I would try working outside and thanks to a heavy flowerpot my table easel was quite steady. With quite a lot of rubbing out and adjustment my self portrait, now even more vaguely in the style of gwen john is now ready to paint. After the canvas blew over I had lunch.

After some emailing and more scrolling through facebook looking at more videos of Italians singing from balconies I decided I might just paint another couple of roses. That was fun and even more so when a little dog came to watch. This mural could take some time.

Today I have filled in as much of the document that I need to go shopping , found a rucksack and put some money in my purse. I might go tomorrow unless I can think of another reason not to. Today’s reason was so vague that I can’t remember.

But now am pleased with what I did today. Am still reading a lot of stuff on twitter about the situation in the UK . It does not sound good. I don’t know if anything has changed here. But I will be looking online around 6pm to see if there is more singing from balconies as that was just lovely last night.

Cats for breakfast
Better roses today
This is what i was trying to fill in to go shopping.

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