Day 7 staying at home in pisticci.

A lot has happened in a week. Last sunday , staying home was more or less voluntary and restaurants and bars were open. Only big gatherings and meeting were being cancelled. It seems a long time ago.

I went out on monday to collect my prescription and get my high blood pressure pills from the farmacia. On the way home I remember thinking maybe I should have gone to the bank , but I didn’t as I am so used to not taking any money out unless its an emergency. I didn’t know that a kind of emergency was about to begin.

So now its Sunday and I don’t know how many people have died from the coronavirus in Italy and around the world since then. I have been pretty well horrified by the fact that given some time to prepare almost nothing is happening in the UK. It’s been quite a week.

Last night there were more Italians singing on balconies and tonight in Matera everyone is going to shine a light about 9pm. The film festival is running a virtual something from 4pm. And there have been other things happening all over the country. This I think is really important as quarantine , if you are shut in a flat, particularly with children all day must be very tiring and a bit of cheering up and encouragement to carry on seems a good thing. Realistically who knows for how long. I heard a doctor being interviewed today who said the shutdown won’t start to make a difference for at least another week as people take a while to get really ill. There is talk of a drug used to treat some other disease being found effective in some cases. That would be good as there is a long wait for a vaccine to be developed. So there is some light in the darkness but a document saying the over 80s will not be treated ( if thats correct) is bad. And I am ignoring the article which talked about the over 60s. But am even more motivated not to go out.

However on a lighter but not less scary note last night I was sitting having a glass of wine when lsaw out of the corner of my eye an enormous centipede about 8cms long crawling across the floor. It was fat as well!! By the time i reached it , it had disappeared underneath something.I really don’t like sharing my house with anything bigger than spiders. So later on that night I saw it climbing up the wall but again it was quicker than me and it got away. I now have a plastic jug to trap it in, a brush pan to use as a lid and a torch to peer into dark places. There have been no more sightings so far.

This morning I finally walked to the supermarket. I was up at 5am and I can’t believe how anxious I was. But I was prepared and after I got past the end of my street I felt ok There were about 5 of us in the shop which was full of stock as normal and so now I am ok for another week or two. I definitely feel safer staying home. .

As it was not so warm today I started my self portrait. I hope it works out ok. Its at the ” what a mess its never going to work stage”. That is normal.

The forecast for this week is dry again so am hoping to work on the mural and portrait . That should keep me busy.

One day at a time is the only way to do this.

Hopefully i can make it look how i want….or close to that.

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