Day 8 staying at home in Pisticci 

For someone staying by herself and not going anywhere my days still seem rather full. I started again today by waking up at 4.30am again. Yawn!!

Part of that was down to worrying about my family in Scotland. There appeared to be a case of coronavirus at my grandchildrens’ school. In fact after checking later on and speaking to my daughter it seems three schools in her town have someone with suspected coronavirus. But as of then the school was to be cleaned over 3 days and then the children were to be allowed back …presumably so they could carry on infecting each other . It would be surprising or incredibly lucky if it had not been passed on already. Am assuming that children are not being made to stay a metre apart… but maybe they are.

It’s not very nice being so far away . Though if I carry on staying home I should be safer than a lot of other older people in th UK so at least the family don’t need to be concerned about me. And I have a lot of time to check out a lot of information which I have been passing on.

It seems to me that partly because the government is not doing much ( or wasn’t last time I looked ) that people in the UK are not really taking it all very seriously. It was my impression that a combination of the govt. here closing the schools and doctors and nurses appearing online virtually pleading for people to stay home was what changed peoples attitudes here.

I was trying to think of something positive to say about the UK but all I can think is that I hope no one I know dies. I think it might have gone past the stage of thinking it will not be that bad really. But maybe I will look online and the schools will be closing and some serious action will be taken and a lot of lives will be saved. My understanding of all this is by no means complete and might be a bit off but I can understand that if you stay home and away from people you will most likely be ok. I just can’t get my head round deliberately letting people get infected. What if , as is happening , younger people get it badly too , but by then its too late to control or delay or any of the other things that could be done. I don’t think I have ever been so eager to be wrong.

But back to me . Breakfast outside again. Then a bit more rose painting. I seem to be a bit tired .Maybe I am using up energy just keeping cheerful. However progess is progress and i had to stop when it got too hot.

After lunch I worked on my self portrait and its going ok . Though I don’t like the colours right now.

It’s now after 5pm so its well after wine time thank goodness. Now I get to relax and let the wine take over for an hour or two. Maybe a bit of Rosemary and Thyme on youtube.

Three different styles of rose painting.
Close up of self portrait….

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