Another day staying at home in Pisticci.

Today I didn’t feel so well. After this hot weather outside and then getting cold inside , as well as waking at 4.30 am for the last three mornings it’s not surprising. So today was a very restful day..

I painted some more leaves and I worked on my portrait which I still dont like very much.

I watched a video of a sindaco from somewhere in Italy tell his community that they absolutely must behave and take this situation seriously. He was passionate to say the least but he got his point across.

Then I got an electric bill and I don’t know where I will pay it . I usually go to the tabaccheria but I don’t know if it’s open. I think the post office is closed so that is not a possibility. On the plus side its not due till the 30th of March so I have time to figure out what to do. Is silly how a little thing like that feels like a big problem .

It’s wine time soon today as I fell asleep and woke up just before five.

Have had better days….but they can’t all be good.

Still a work in progress…. with any luck i will soon work out in which direction to go.
Still a lot of leaves to go. Want to make the top much more full of leaves.


  1. Anne, this is getting old! I got in a long bike ride however today, it was glorious. People looked askance, but #$% them.
    As to your bolletta, I think payments are all suspended for now. Hang onto it, but don’t worry about paying it for now. One less worry.

    • I wondered about that. Nice to get out on your bike. I walked up and down in front of my house but got bored after 2 mins. Might dig a garden round near the fence. That would be good exercise. Hoping to get on with next painting project next week … if i ever finish with the roses mural. Take care.

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