Day 10 of staying at home in Pisticci

Today was a much better day. Felt fairly normal , not so tired and sniffy as yesterday.

I spent a lot of the day speaking to family and a friend on the phone which was on the whole cheering.

My Italian friend was agreeing that we are lucky to be stuck in a place with good weather and enough to do and just ourselves to look after. Its still sad news from the north where even more people have died but next week hopefully will be past the worst when the effects of the lockdown take place . There seems to be quite a lot of help coming from the chinese still.

In Basilicata the total of cases of the virus rose to 27 ( I think ) yesterday.

The news from Scotland was mixed. It would seem that a large proportion of the population are just carrying on as normal. However it has been announced that the schools will finally close at the weekend. My family member who is most vulnerable is now settled in at home and the others are preparing as well as they can for everything to shut down.

In Pisticci it has been a beautiful day and inbetween phone calls I have been out painting leaves on my rose mural. Its looking ok. ( that’s scottish for rather good and better than expected) I even bravely painted 5 roses tonight . I was a little bit scared that they would look horrible but they look “ok ” too.

I thought that I’d have a day off from my portrait. I made a few minor adjustments last night…but mainly I was on the phone too much and didnt have time.

In among all the other stuff today I found a tweet with a letter written by F.Scott Fitzgerald while he was in quarantine during the spanish flu. I thought it was just wonderful and now I want to be able to write like that. To be funny and moving and beautiful. It was like looking at a painting which goes right to your heart. Oh what fun I could have trying to create something like that with words. Right now I just write how I think in a kind of embarassed get it out there way. Because I think if I tried harder I wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. But maybe I will now. Sometime.

Hurray its wine time again. I am including the letter.


  1. Oh Anne, thank you for that! Such an important perspective in these times, that “we” have been through this before. And we will again…yet better-prepared for the next time. Let us carry ON!!

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