Day 11 of staying at home in Pisticci.

I can hear people laughing and talking which is surprising. I have looked round the corner and I can see a group of people sitting outside a house. Charitably I am assuming that they have maybe moved from a flat in town to this house where there is outside space. Uncharitably I am hoping that they are not having a party on the outskirts of town where they think no one will bother them. It could be either.

I was a bit tired again today. I seem to have one good day and then a not so good one. Being isolated is a lot more fun if you are full of energy.

Anyways it could have been worse and I persuaded myself I would feel better if I painted some more leaves. So I did that and I think that is the leaves finished.

I was starting to notice that my house was getting a bit… er unclean. I usually stay respectably tidy because I might get visitors or clients might come round. Well, thats not going to happen now, so I made myself brush the floor and felt quite satisfied.

Then while scrolling through facebook I read that the lockdown is probably going to be extended by a month and walks will be banned as well. I was more or less expecting that but I had to go and paint quite a lot of roses till I felt better.

Since then I have been through in my gallery/ summer bedroom where I had a look round and thought maybe my next job might be to fix canvas on these big stretchers. I have very little excuse for not at least trying to paint “big”in the next few weeks.

And finally I read somewhere that the internet might break. That would mean no phone, no youtube, very little music and no communication. Am not sure how I would deal with that. Have usually got at least ten books on my kindle and I suppose I could reread all my old counselling books …might need them by then. But ..we’ll just have to wait and see. .

I think there is a lot of potential work in my gallery so that’s good. There is more space on my wall for more mural stuff. My little herb garden is looking good. And there is just the teeniest tiniest chance that brexit could be postponed until I get a pension…….

Just a few more roses and I might be done.
Thats only one wall of the gallery….lots more adjustments to be made.

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