12th day staying at home in Pisticci

It has been a day of contrasts.

I decided to go shopping and without as much trepidation as last time I set off with rucksack on back and document in my pocket. Pisticci was looking lovely in the sunshine. Then I reached the piazza and the first 3 people I saw were all wearing masks. I don’t have one because I had no idea where to get one or if it was even possible. I had the idea that they were all sold out.

As I walked to the supermarket there were not many people about but I saw one man without a mask and there were three with masks at the door of the supermarket. Every one was keeping away from each other. It felt a bit unsettling. Inside all 5 of us kept out of each others way. A little lady delibrately went down another aisle to avoid coming anywhere near me. I was spooked. I picked up double the normal amount of wine and two bags of potatoes, a few other things and got out as soon as I could without crying. Going shopping has always been a social occasion and it was like all the joy was gone.

However on the way home I met a neighbour who told me I could get a mask in the farmacia or if I wanted I could make one. It was so nice to speak to someone . Having a deaf lady and a not chatty man, however nice as my closest neighbours is not much use for conversation.

I was glad to get home where I needed to sort out a family problem, by passing it on . I then read on twitter that people over 60 are not being intubated in Italy. I am so ****** if I get this virus and become really ill. To further cheer myself up I watched a harrowing video of a hospital up north and how awful it was. I shared that on facebook in the hope that someone might watch it and change their behaviour and maybe save a life.

After that I really needed to paint roses. Which I did. I found it a little strange as the most dabby dotty messy ones look best. My Presbyterian self thinks that shouldn’t happen. It actually looks much better than I thought it would. I think the secret was to do it in little bits and then the colours were different and it was not too regular and more natural. Am very pleased with the result. It was a good day to finish as its exactly a year ago since I moved back into this house. I am very glad I did.

So now after putting a photo of it online I am feeling a lot better. I spoke to a friend up north in the worst area. She is well. And has been in isolation for longer than me.

I have been trying to find out how to download films incase the internet breaks. And I have worked out how to make a temporary greenhouse for my tiny plants as there is a night of -5C and snow forecast for next week.

I am a bit tired of feeling like I am on an emotional rollercoaster…..but am not bored!

Happy house moving anniversary to me . X
There is still a lot of empty wall……
My “garden shed” . Is going to be part of my temporary greenhouse.


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