Day 19 staying at home in Pisticci  …..and the sun is back

It was really nice to wake up with the sun shining in the window this morning. And it was quiet too. The wind made a lot of noise yesterday.

I took the 2 ” keep the water out under the door” towels outside to hang them up. They were sopping wet. Although it might sound like my house is a bit run down ( it is) that doesn’t mean that almost everyone ,no matter how well kept their house is, does not have problems with water getting in in a storm. It comes at your house horizontally at its worst and gets in everywhere. I was once at a friend’s house during a storm. We were painting flowerpots as it happened, and she was casually placing boxes in different places around the room to catch the drips while we carried on working.

My poor little greenhouse didn’t make it. What with the cats and then the storm it more or less fell to bits. However the plants look fine and I’d like to think they know I cared. They were at least partly protected some of the time. My rose mural still looks good. I am glad I varnished it.

Today was shopping day. I made myself a mask incase everyone else was wearing one. I didn’t want to look dangerous. It was only a thin light coloured scarf folded over and tied at the back. But it looked much the same as the real thing. I can’t believe I am getting used to seeing people wearing masks. 5 people at a time are allowed into the supermarket so there is enough space to stay away from each other. I took everything on my list as quickly as possible and left. I hope the cats appreciate the extra weight I had to carry as I was ” guilted” into buying more catfood. When I opened the shutter this morning and they were all excited and jumping up at the window I felt a bit mean cause there was nothing for them.

I would like to say that I had a busy productive day after that and didn’t spend a lot of time looking at my phone but that would be a lie. I didn’t have a plan for my next project and then boris johnson got coronavirus, he says. Unbelievable!!!

Maybe staying by myself I am getting doolally and I haven’t noticed . I am so cynical. But who knows what is the truth any longer. ( possibly dominic cummings ,spotted running along the street?) There was mention of a film called “Bob Roberts” on twitter. I haven’t seen it or heard of it previously. Anyways what does it all matter as long as someone deals with the problem of the virus. ( And I wish maybe I hadn’t read about all the over 65s being ( and this is what I understood and may be wrong) being given nice drugs so they could die peacefully while the ventilators were kept for the younger people. I cant quite believe that in this way it would look like the health service was coping. I really don’t want to think that someone thought that was a plan.

What a day.!  As I still hadn’t done anything constructive I went into my gallery to see if I could get some inspiration . And I did. My plan ( assuming I can get my stapler to work) is to put canvas on my 3 big stretchers and then paint 3 big paintings which I might call the coronavirus series. The first one would be of my house for obvious reasons and am not sure about the next 2. So I just need the staplers’ cooperation and I can begin.

I thought I would add some extra photos today .

My poor little wrecked greenhouse.
I thought my door was looking pretty.
Looking a bit different from yesterday.
Brown gunge for lunch tomorrow. Freezer too crowded. No idea what it is.
Close up of latest art work. It does sort of look like i just plonked a frame over part of it.

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