Day 18 ….mainly about staying warm at home in Pisticci

What horrible weather. !! Gale force winds and heavy rain and cold as well . When I got up this morning it was about 15C downstairs. That is at least 5 degrees less than it has been for weeks.

So today was mainly about staying warm. My little house does not lack ventilation …. or some people might call it drafts. The velvet curtain between the two parts of my house was blowing back and forwards thanks to the er ventilation from the other door. I probably should have left the tape on which covered the gaps on the door beside the stove but it has been so nice for so long. Luckily the windows are still locked shut and the winter nail is still in place along with the bent curtain rail as back up . ( otherwise they blow open) I bet you are thinking your house is so boring by now!

My little stove has been on all day and is normally perfectly adequate but what can it do against howling gales inside and out.

So apart from doing a few finishing strokes to my artwork which I am calling ” finding more space” ( decided that” anne bursting out all over ” was not a good idea.) I have done very little.

I did go outside one time when one of my chairs flew past the window on its way down the street. It is really very windy and a little scary as its so loud. .

Am still attempting to download films or TV series on to my laptop but no success yet. Today I bought a series for under £5 on amazon and it is downloading…..haha … onto my kindle fire which I bought off ebay a few years ago for £25 presumably because it promises much but delivers not a lot. It has in, 4 hours downloaded one programe .

The not so good news today is that now there are 127 cases of coronavirus in Basilicata . That is about 20 more than yesterday. I haven’t heard about the the death toll up north. Hopefully it is still going down. In the UK as seen from here lots of people are voluteering to help. There are not enough protective clothes etc but other people are inventing ideas for making them. In the meantime the govt. May or may not be in charge or merely saying the right things and trying to catch up. Who knows.

Its certainly not boring…..

Theres a whole lot of howling and banging and splashing going on.
Keeping warm and trying to find pose with least lines showing.
A cunning use for my brush. Its keeping the board across the fireplace from blowing in.

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