Day 20 staying at home in Pisticci …’s a Saturday!

I was tired today. Maybe it was all the 4.30am starts I have had this week. Or a reaction to nearly 1000 Italians dying yesterday. And today another 29 people in Basilicata tested positive. Probably its quite mentally tiring to be keeping relatively cheerful and busy and watching things happen that I have no control over.

The good thing about staying home alone is there is only me to consider. So I went and lay on my bed and watched an episode of The Body Farm on my kindle fire. ( it’s still not managed to download the second episode so have given up. I only wanted to download things as back up if I had no wifi. ) I will not be watching that in the evening. It’s a bit dark.

Next the great outdoors called to me…..or alternatively I thought if I went outside it might wake me up. It did. So now my garden is rearranged and weeded and very satisfactory.

It was then time to eat the brown gunge, which was delicious. It was a dish made by a swedish friend who likes cooking. Because I had put it in one of my plastic boxes I thought it was something I had made. It almost felt like being out for lunch.

In my opinion a stapler spoiled my day. If that darn stapler had not jammed and been working well then maybe I would have energetically stapled my canvas onto the stretcher.

I have a complicated relationship with machinery and staplers don’t like me. And I don’t understand how they don’t just work but insist on jamming just as I am nearly finished a job. I have stretched canvases before successfully but never one as big. I even have a special tool to do it properly which works well when you don’t use it upside down. So this will probably take me several days to complete. Today I cut the canvas. Even that was stressful. However I think I have left enough at the edges. And its straight. Tomorrow I may look out the stapler and the special tool.

Now its wine time . Thank goodness. Another day done.

Different view from end of street. You can just see the sea.
I love this view, but preferred it without the fence.
Ready to cut ……
Now waiting for the stapler …..

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  1. Anne, you can stretch it with flat-head nails/tacks. They work almost as well. Or just do what I do, paint on it first then stretch it later! So glad you survived another day. This is getting old!

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