Day 24 at home in Pisticci….when the internet broke

And there was snow. On the 1st of April! I got up to switch on the stove and on the way back upstairs I glanced out the window. The tiled roofs looked a strange colour. It was white! I ran back downstairs and opened the shutter and, yes ,there was snow. More in fact than there had been when snow was forecast. It took me another hour to get up after that . It was warm in bed and chilly not in bed.

It was when I had finished writing for today that I realised the wifi was off. Writing has not been going so well this week and that didn’t help.

I tried not to panic . ( no radio, no videos, no music, no phone, no printer……who needs wifi!) I tried my phone and the internet I bought last week was working albeit slowly. I had 3 episodes of the “Durrells” downloaded. That would last me 3 evenings and I still had some unread books on my kindle. I told myself to buck up. I didn’t need wifi to paint. I wasn’t all that impressed with that strangely. After breakfast I had waited long enough for it to come back on by itself so I switched the stove off…..otherwise it beeps at me. It takes about 15 minutes to cool down and so to pass the time I thought I would go and pick up my little music machine from my other house.

The little artists house looked really pretty. And no damp. The window has been left open through storms and snow and it seems to work. It was cold but dry.

When I got back I swltched the electric off and then on again and, hurray, the wifi was back. What a relief. After that I thought I might work on my new big painting.

It looked a mess with lots of pencil lines and half rubbed out bits. It was very difficult to see if it was going to look ok. Am not being modest here. It looked a mess. I enjoyed spraying it with hairspray ( works as a fixative) and wondered if I would get high on it. I like the smell… a lot. There was a lot of pencil marks to fix.

I thought that I would use up as much of my left over paint as possible. Part meanness and part not knowing when I will be able to buy any more. I got a big brush and started to paint the lines. I wanted to see if the composition would work and basically I was just fiddling about to see what happened . I ended up changing the angles of the dark wooden posts from the photograph which meant covering the first attempt with white paint. I just cant draw straight lines so measured from the bottom up to check. Every one was wrong. But eventually I thought that I could see potential so I stopped for today incase I spoiled it. Its not too bad. Still some angles need a little adjusting but I can see my room appearing.

I have been listening to mozart while painting as I read somewhere it was good for brainpower. I am not sure I like it but it doesn’t disturb me. I considered the sound track from ” Mama Mia” but maybe another day with the sun shining in the open door and am feeling confident. Mozart is better for cold worrying days.

It was still early so I have brushed the floor and emptied the bin to pass the time. Am still a bit tired as I haven’t slept well for about a week so that was the housework done.

There are 11 more cases of the virus today in Basilicata.

I was quite angry again about more stuff I read online about older people in the UK and the virus. I suggested rather sarcastically that they should also get a clap as they might be giving up their lives for the economy. Then I wrote that I hoped they were all at home making home made ventilators. Being the Blue Peter generation , with a bit of sticky back plastic it was possible to make most things. Then I googled it….. and to my amazement an American gentleman on youtube can tell you how to do it using household items. I AM SO NOT RECOMMENDING THIS.

Time for wine now. Wondering if I should have a small celebration if I reach day 30 ……

Not a lot…. but definitely snow.
Work in progress……

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