Day 23 staying home in Pisticci….looking like a bandit

Having a strong desire for fruit and convincing myself that if I went shopping today I could stay home for ten days and that would be a good thing, I got up early and organised. I need a rucksack, cloth bag and plastic bag, plastic gloves in pocket, scarf to be used as mask round my neck and document in pocket incase I am stopped by the police ….and a pen to fill in all the bits of the document that I wasnt sure about.. And my purse.

I took a photo of myself with the scarf as a mask I thought it was a bit scary.

When I arrived at the shop I made sure I was a good distance away from the others waiting. Then someone came towards me and without thinking I pulled my scarf up over my face. That’s the first time I ‘ve worn it like that . It feels very strange. When the old guy next to me in the queue said we all look like bandits I agreed.

I staggered home uphill wishing I hadn’t bought that bottle of lemonade . I obviously bought wine and chocolate. I was looking and I have 8 ltrs of wine . I wonder when or if I might think I have enough. ?

Today my plan was to start drawing my next painting . So after marking out the canvas in squares and marvelling at my ability to measure things wrong…..every time, I got started.

After lunch I tried out the canvas on the floor. Didn’t work. Leaned it up against the wall. Uncomfortable to draw kneeling on floor. Then I brought my big easel through and it was too big. But when I took a big painting off the wall and put it onto the easel I could lean it on top. Success!. It really needs a stretcher in the middle but this will work in the meantime.

Now I have drawn about two thirds of what I need to do. Am not sure I like it….but that s normal.

Altogether not a bad day’s work. And the number of positive virus cases is down in Basilicata for the second day.

Wine time in ten minutes. Soon I will be able to sit on the doorstep at five and relax with stone James among the plants. That is something to look forward to. Been a good day.

I think I look scary!!
Waiting outside the supermarket
It is big!!
Stone James looks bored.

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